Sauna Yurt Nature is always present in the Luonnokas sauna yurt

The Luonnokas sauna yurt heated with wood offers unique and memorable steams for companies and groups, events, recreational evenings, parties or when you just want to experience something new with others. The sauna benches fit comfortably 15 sauna bathers at once.

What is a sauna yurt?

A yurt is a traditional tent of the nomads in Central Asia. The sauna yurt is a sauna built inside a yurt. The Luonnokas sauna yurt is Finnish handifraft retaining the traditional form of a yurt. Finnish wood has been used in the structures for the yurt to sustain the climate of the North. The yurt is insulated with 100% natural wood felt and the cover is made from cotton/ polyester canvas. The canvas is made to endure water, fire and mold. It breathes and isolates appropriately. Visit the site for more information on the yurt and its building technique. The sauna yurt has received the Oulu Region Leader investment support.

Ville Haapasalo has also visited the sauna yurt. Watch the video of Ville Haapasalo’s visit to Nothern Ostrobothnia.

“The wind, pitter-patter of the rain, rush of the rapid, singing of the birds and the sound of storytelling echoing from outside. The scent of the birch whisk, the light of the wooden sauna stove, the crackling of the sauna wood, peat masks or wild herb foot baths – Nature takes care of it all. As an entrepreneur the hecticness of the day end when I scratch the first matches to heat the sauna yurt for the customers. It is always equally as lovely and grounding every time. That is why I love this job.”

Anu Rosenberg, sauna healer

Treatment saunas

Because I am a sauna therapist and my passion is sauna, its health benefits and sauna treatments based on traditional folk healing held in there, I wanted the sauna yurt to be primarily a treatment sauna. The sauna yurt itself is nurturing, because it offers gentle steams, not too hot and rich in oxygen. You can lie back and relax for long periods at a time without any smothering effects, which of course increases the health benefits of the sauna. It is aesthetically beautiful and the atmosphere on the inside is unique. There you certainly can release your senses, pause and enjoy. When treatments and silence or stories are added into the sauna bathing, the experience is guaranteed.

Sauna experiences for groups


Treatment and pampering moments for refreshing and company recreation.

Individual treatments


The Luonnokas sauna treatments are based on the Finnish sauna tradition, only natural conditioners and washing materials are used. Sauna treatments always include the sauna, naturally. I can say, with my hand on my heart, that the Sauna is an act of wellness – for You and for all of us.