About products and the ingredients used in them

The Luonnokas natural cosmetics line is completely natural which means that all the products are prepared with carefully selected natural ingredients or natural products. No synthetic scents, preservatives or colourants are used in preparing the products. Therefore all the products are biodegradable and will not be harmful to the environment when they end up in nature. Some of the products are also vegan, only some of the soaps are prepared using organic Finnish beeswax.

Producers from neighboring areas are preferred in preparing the products. However, not everything can be obtained from close by or even from Finland and that is when we favor organic ingredients brought from elsewhere. No animal testing, genetically modified ingredients, mineral oils, silicates, artificial colourants, scents or parabens are used in preparing the products. 

The products are prepared in small batches and are 100% handcrafted so that is why they also have a design mark. Because the products are prepared with natural products, such as wild herbs, the batches may also differ from each other by appearances but the quality and content stays the same.

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Wild herbs and natural products

Wild herbs, cultivated plants and other natural products play a major role in preparing the Luonnokas natural cosmetics. Plant mass infused into oils is added into the scrubs, foot bath salts and soaps, because according to research and Finnish folk tradition they have their own effectivity in both internal as well as external use. The effectiveness of plants is utilized in the Luonnokas products and informed about as well as possible based on legislation.

Transparent and based on the cosmetics law

The sauna treatment products are natural cosmetics and cosmetics as well as cosmetic products must be prepared based on the requirements of the EU cosmetics regulation and cosmetics law. According to these all cosmetic products must undergo a safety evaluation before marketing. The evaluation can only be done by a person with required qualifications. The Luonnokas sauna treatment line’s products and ingredients as well as producing all meet the European natural cosmetics standards.

Luonnokas wants to make its operations transparent and give the consumer a comprehensive information about the products and its operations. You are welcome to ask more if anything is left on your mind: anu.rosenberg (at)

Our Partners

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organic canola oil
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wild nettle powder, spruce powder
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organic beeswax
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Linnunradan tila, Tyrnävä:

hemp seed oil and hemp seed protein
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Foodin, Jyväskylä:

organic coconut oil, raw sea salt
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LehtoPeat, Ähtäri:

treatment peat
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Manske GmbH, Saksa:

organic essential oils and oils
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Yrttiaika, Oulu:

wild herbs and sauna tea
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